Some nice trail changes for Boulder Lake ski trails this year.

Boulder Lake’s Big Alpina Groomer

Just before Thanksgiving Day, this past fall, we constructed a new trail segment that leads to a new parking lot on the eastern edge of our trail system.  What we call the “Super Highway” is a double-wide, two-way trail for large skiing crowds and events.

The new parking lot also allows you to get onto the trails sooner when you drive up from Duluth, and takes pressure off the Blue-Ox/Bear Paw Trailhead parking lot, which regularly experiences people parking all the way out onto the road. In the event we have slush on the lake, this new segment provides an alternative for accommodating larger crowds too.

The new parking lot also provides access to a new trail loop of an approximately 1.4 kilometer trail which is actually the access road for a new campground, operated by the Island Lake Inn. This relatively level route is a good warm-up and is excellent for those who don’t cherish hills.

We’re likely to be adding one final loop to the trail system this coming summer, around two intimate ponds near Highway 4, which will give us access to further parking at the Island Lake Picnic Area.  The original classic trails north of the Ski Den are not being groomed as a trial run this year, in favor of the growing sports of snow shoeing and backcountry-style skiing.

We’re monitoring how this goes for this year and reevaluate after the season ends.

John Paulson
Land and Real Estate Manager
Minnesota Power