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Our Organization

Mission Statement:

Founded in 2004, the Duluth Cross-Country Ski Club (DXC) promotes healthy lifestyles, fitness, and fun through cross-country skiing by providing programs, informational resources, and special events to the community.

DXC works to accomplish its mission by:

  1.  Promoting and supporting cross country skiing in Duluth

  2.  Providing cross country skiing resources and information to the community

  3.  Offering opportunities for youth and adults to ski, race and socialize

  4.  Preserving, maintaining and enhancing ski trails and facilities


DXC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Articles of Incorporation


Environmental Stewardship

DXC is proud to be a nonprofit partner with 1% for the Planet, an alliance of businesses whose mission is to create a healthy planet by supporting positive environmental change.  

Board Vacancies:

There are 3 upcoming board vacancies at this time. Applications are available for future openings -- more information is available on the application form.

2021 Annual Report

DXC Board Members 2022-2023

Jake Morgan (President)

Erik Julsrud (Secretary)

Nick Lansing (Treasurer)

Jonathan Rova

Sara Hendrickson

Eric Chandler

Waylon Munch

Kate Meisner

Mark Wallis

Dan Maki

List of Current and Former DXC Board Members

Kate Meisner (2022 - current)

Sara Hendrickson (2021- current)

Jake Morgan (2020- current)

Waylon Munch (2020- current)

Nick Lansing (2020 - current)

Eric Chandler (2020 - current)

Erik Julsrud (2019- current)

Mark Wallis (2019- current)

Stacey Jutila (2019-2020)

Amy Haggenmiller (2019-2020)

Bridgit Maruska (2019-2020)

Dan Maki (2018-current)

Sarah Grenberg (2018-2021)

Jonathan Rova (2017-current)

Kristin Lusian (2017-2020)

David Arvold (2017-2020)

Todd Holmstrom (2017-2020)

Kari Hedin (2016-2019)

MaryBeth Nevers (2016-2019)

Nils Arvold (2016-2019)

Ben Hugus (2018)

Matthew Ryan (2015-2018)

Annalisa Harrington Peterson (2015-2018)

Mike Kokotovich (2015-2018)

Chad Salmela (2014-2017)

Kris Osthus (2014-2017)

Beth Foudriat (2014-2017)

Kaitlin Erpestad (2013-2016)

Lane Palmer (2013-2016)

Molly Hoeg (2013-2016)

Siiri Morse (2012-2017)

Andre Watt (2012-2015)

Grant Nelson (2012-2015)

Shawnee Stephenson (2012-2014)

Bonnie Williams (2012-2013)

Rhett Bonner (2012-2013)

Tony Shoberg (2011-2014)

John Ipsen (2011-2014)

Jay Monson (2011-2012)

Phil Rogers (2011-2012)

Kristin Riker-Coleman (2011)

Jed Downs (2010-2011)

Bonnie Fuller-Kask (2007-2011)

Nikolai Anikin (2007-2011)

Robin Downs (2007-2010)

Adam Sundberg (2006-2007)

Kate Stenehjem (2006-2007)

Kirsten Bich (2006-2009)

Morris Levy (2006-2011)

Brian Bich (2005-2007)

Doug Olsen (2005-2006)

Sandra Beck (2005)

Anne Flueckiger (2005-2013)

Eric Chandler (2004-2006)

Greg Minerich (2004-2005)

Eric Viken (2004-2006)

Patti Harvieux (2004-2011)

Paul Bartlam (2004-2007)

Dee Bartlam (2004-2007)

Sisto Santodonato (2004-2007)

Bryan French (2004-2012)

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