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KidSki Status: Mar 7 Session will be at Grand Avenue Nordic Center


Feb 19 Update Message:

Hello KidSki families!

We are thrilled that it no longer hurts to go outside and we can start KidSki! For the first lesson we will be meeting at the LESTER-AMITY CHALET at the very end of Seven Bridges Rd. Both the upper and lower trails at Spirit Mt. already have groups using the trails on Sunday, so we will be meeting at Lester-Amity for one time only. All other KidSki sessions will be at Grand Avenue. Here are the details to help make your child's lessons successful:


- Lessons will run through Sunday, March 21st to make up for canceled lessons in February, as long as we have skiable snow.

- We didn't have enough kids to fill three time slots, so we will be hosting two time slots, at 12:30 and 2:00 so we can keep groups small. Apologies to the families who chose the 11:00 time slot, we put your kids in the 12:30 time slot. The ski groups and times attached. If you need to change your time slot, please let us know before Sunday. Each lesson will run for one hour.

- Please check in your child each day. There will be one person with a list of names, please find them and let them know your child is present.

- We will give out bibs at the first session. To limit close interactions, each kid will keep their bib with them as long as KidSki is running. Please bring it with you every time you bring your child to KidSki. It helps to stuff the bib in a ski boot or ski pants so you don't forget it.

- We contacted the families who indicated they need ski rentals. If you didn't receive an email and need ski rentals, please let me know before Sunday.

- The Lester-Amity chalet will be open for emergency bathroom needs ONLY. The chalet is officially closed for the season, so please have your child use the bathroom and eat a snack or lunch before arriving. Only one person at a time will be allowed in the chalet and they must sign their name on the sign-in sheet.

- Sunday will be warm! Don't overdress your child; multiple light layers are best so they don't become overheated.

- Skate skiing will be offered for level 5 kids, but not for every session. Please bring both classic and skate skis to each session. If your child does not have skate skis but are in a skate group, they can classic ski every time.

- Parents are welcome to stay as long as they don't gather together in groups, to prevent the spread of Covid. Parents are also welcome to leave, or go ski the trails (a DNR pass is needed for Lester and a Grand Avenue pass is needed for Grand Avenue) but please have your cell phone handy so we can call you if anything arises (cell reception at the Lester-Amity Chalet can be spotty).Please return promptly at the end of the lesson to pick up your child.

- A reminder of our Covid rules: children must wear masks, except during periods of exertion. Parents will help children with putting on and taking off skis, rather than coaches. Children and coaches will maintain a distance of at six feet. Please check yourselves and your children for any Covid symptoms before arriving, and stay home if you're sick. If anyone in the child's family, including the child, tests positive for Covid, please let me know and I will alert everyone in that ski group (names will be kept anonymous).

- I'll end with a huge thank you and shout-out to Bobbie Larson and SkiHut employees, who are making this program possible this year by providing organization and coaching support!



Kari Hedin

DXC KidSki’s mission is to provide and introduce ski activities and inspire a love of cross-country skiing to keep our children healthy and active.  With  long cold winters, getting children to participate in outdoor activities is essential to creating a lifestyle, that offers a balance to counter all the media  challenges we face in todays world. 

Skiing is a low impact, affordable activity that offers something for all levels of skiers. KidSki emphasizes a fun, game-based approach to learning how to  ski, and is staffed by volunteers who donate their time to share their passion, talents and the love of skiing. 



​Space is Limited!


Sunday KidSki at Grand Avenue Nordic Center:

February 7th to February 28th 

(with a make-up day on March 7th for cold weather cancellations)

SUNDAYS: 3 start times for one-hour sessions: 11:00 AM, 12:30 PM, and 2:00 PM

Grand Avenue Nordic Center - 8551 Grand Avenue, Duluth, at the base of Spirit Mountain.  


If you enter your email and get a popup message that says: "Your membership expired Jun 1, 2020. Please select a registrant type or contact Duluth Cross Country Ski Club for assistance with renewing your membership." Click "Close" and then either click the "Enroll" button at the top of the page to become a member, or choose "Non-Member" from the registrant type dropdown box. Enter the name of the child being registered into the First Name and Last Name fields. Non-members must choose the "Add Guest" option to enroll additional children in KidSki. We are not offering ParentSki or Ski-Play lessons in 2021; KidSki is for kids ages 5-12 years old. However, we welcome any parents who are able to coach!






Fees: includes Sprit Mountain Nordic day pass, DXC knit hat, six lessons, all instruction, hot chocolate and snacks during lessons.


KidSki     DXC Member:      $40 per child

KidSki     Non-Member:       $55 per child​


Scholarships Available:

DXC is proud to support skiing in the Duluth community by providing scholarships for KidSki. The scholarship rate is $15 per child plus free ski rental. Families who qualify for free and reduced lunch or for a county, state or federal assistance program are eligible for the scholarship rate. Please register and send relevant documentation to, and please note "KidSki Scholarship" in the subject line of your email.​


We're excited to meet this year's group of KidSkiers (and parents/guardians)! KidSki is held at Grand Avenue Nordic Center on Sundays from Feb. 7 - Feb. 28 (with a make-up day on March 7th if we have to cancel any lessons in February due to cold weather).

We aim to provide lessons in a fun environment while also keeping Covid safety in mind. We are following the MN Department of Health Sports Guide, so we will have groups of five students to one coach, and will have only three groups on the trail at one time. Therefore, we will have groups start their one-hour lesson at 11:00 am, 12:30 pm or 2:00 pm. You can enter your preferred time during registration and we will do our best to honor that time. Your child's lessons time will be determined once registration is complete, and we will prioritize having siblings at the same lesson time. We will announce cold-weather closures by 10:00 am on Sunday morning by email. Bibs with student names taped on them will be issued to students to keep for the entire lesson series. Please remember to bring it to each lesson as they help coaches keep track of students and learn their names. We will offer one section of skate lessons on a first-come first-served basis. We welcome any parents who are able to coach any level!


Lessons will run for one hour and we will not go inside the chalet except to use the bathroom. Students will be expected to arrive completely dressed and ready to ski, having taken a bathroom break before arrival, and they will keep all belongings in their vehicle. Parents will drop off students at the Grand Avenue Nordic stadium. They are welcome to watch the lesson as long as they remain masked and socially distant, but may also leave and return at the end of the lesson. Students should dress to remain outdoors for one hour, but keep in mind that bulky clothing will result in overheating. We also ask that students eat a meal or snack before arriving so they can ski without becoming hungry, as we will not be offering snacks and drinks as in previous years.


All students and parents must conduct a self-health screening prior to arrival and stay home if they are sick. A screening checklist can be found here: 


All students will be required to wear masks during lessons, though they may follow MN State High School League rules states that the mask can be down when the skier is exerting effort. Please review Spirit Mountain's Covid protocols before arriving:


Click Here  for information on skill levels and equipment needed. We don't use the animal names but the numeric levels match our current system. Due to Covid restrictions we cannot change your child's skill level up or down this year, but our small group size will allow the coach to help each child with skills.



Volunteer help is needed!  You will be given the option to volunteer to help with KidSki during registration; your help is essential to KidSki's success, so please consider pitching in!  You can return to your registration at any time to become a volunteer.  Within the registration section below, you can read more about the different roles DXC needs help with, and sign up. Even if you can only volunteer for one day, we will gladly welcome your help. We appreciate you! 

Contact Bobbie Larson to volunteer:



Click Here to Register as a Volunteer Coach

Questions? Email us at

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