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DXC’s Summer Juniors Training program is here to help you become a better Nordic skier. The program will develop your technique, strength and endurance, while participants enjoy training with skiers from around the area. All area Nordic skiers, ages 13-19, who plan to compete in Nordic skiing next winter are encouraged to participate. The group will meet at various locations around Duluth depending on the venue that is needed for each workout, and will be coached by *

Program Details
‌•   June 11 – August 10, 2018

‌•    DXC Swag

**8 weeks, no practice the week of 4th of July

Three Options
1.     Mornings: 7:30am Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Combination of rollerskiing and dryland intensity and over distance workouts
2.     Afternoons: 3:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: Combination of rollerskiing and dryland technique and strength
3.   All sessions: 7:30am Monday/Wednesday/Friday and 3:30pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

Equipment Needed
‌•   Roller skis (skate only is fine) — Rollerskis are available to borrow for the summer (limited supply)
•    Helmet
‌•    Boots
‌•    Rollerski poles
‌•    Bounding poles
‌•    Running shoes
‌•    Water bottle


Before 5/1
M/W/F Mornings $199
M/Tu/Th Afternoons $199
BOTH $398

After 5/1
M/W/F Mornings $225
M/Tu/Th Afternoons $225
BOTH $450

* *Half and full scholarship options are available and include rollerski. Please register and mark this option on your registration. 

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