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Our Mission

Founded in 2004, the Duluth Cross-Country Ski Club (DXC) promotes healthy lifestyles, fitness, and fun through cross-country skiing by providing programs, informational resources, and special events to the community.

DXC works to accomplish it's mission by:

  1.  Promoting and supporting cross country skiing in Duluth

  2.  Providing cross country skiing resources and information to the community

  3.  Offering opportunities for youth and adults to ski, race and socialize

  4.  Preserving, maintaining and enhancing ski trails and facilities

DXC Major Projects + Programs

DXC is grooming a course for the future of Nordic Skiing in Duluth, ensuring beginners and experienced skiers, locals and visitors alike can enjoy all that winter has to offer! Learn about our major projects and programs below.

A project of the Duluth XC Ski Club, the historic Lester-Amity Chalet is a year-round trail hub and endurance community center in eastern Duluth.


Lester-Amity Chalet brings our community together and inspires healthy outdoor recreation, environmental responsibility and active, lifelong learning.

Click the button below to learn more about the history and how you can rent/use the space.



Spirit Mountain Nordic Center (formerly Grand Avenue Nordic Center) is a joint effort between the Duluth XC Ski Club, Spirit Mountain, and the City of Duluth to bring a world-class Nordic ski venue into our community with consistent snowmaking and grooming to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, and to be a reliable event host in our region.

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DXC is dedicated to fostering a vibrant cross-country skiing community by offering programming for enthusiasts of all ages, skill levels and interests.


From skill development to trail maintenance and clean-up days, there is something for everyone

Click the button below to learn more about our incredible fall and winter programming for children and adults, and how you can get involved!

Monday Funday 2023 (2).jpg

DXC has worked closely with the City of Duluth in shaping the Cross-Country Ski Trail Master Plan. The club is firmly committed to taking these plans to the next step, and has taken a leadership role in moving forward on implementation. Funding for these projects required extensive fundraising and involvement from the community and DXC helped spearhead that effort.​


In addition to the major initiatives listed on this page that support cross-country skiing in Duluth, DXC has numerous offerings for its members and other skiers. DXC offers adult training, races, fun ski outings and social activities open to the public.  


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Our History

The origins of nordic skiing in Duluth trace back generations, and several influential figures and organizations have come through our community. While the history of nordic skiing in our neck of the woods is rich, Duluth XC’s story began just 20 years ago.  


In the winter of 2004, a group of parents was passing time on the sidelines of a youth ski program when the conversation shifted to the current absence of an XC Ski Organization in Duluth that could represent an entire community of skiers. The conversation was quick and ended with a simple message: “Let’s start one”. This group of movers and shakers would become the first DXC Board of Directors, as they established a non-profit, articles of incorporation, and bylaws.    


Then the fun began...


In just a few short years DXC grew a membership base of over 400 local skiers and took ownership of the flagship ‘KidSki’ Program (known today as DXC SkiSparks).    Other programs and community events were also in the works, as DXC became the host of the Banff Mountain Film Festival, Nordic Spirit Ski Race, and Tour DuLuth.  


With a solid membership base and community following, DXC then spent much of the 2010's thinking BIG, as two major projects unfolded with the Lester-Amity Chalet and the Spirit Mountain Nordic Center. Long known for events and programs, DXC became a community leader in trail advocacy and fundraising, raising awareness and funds towards these two projects that shape Nordic Skiing in our community today.   


Today, DXC is beginning to write new chapters. While our efforts at Lester-Amity Chalet and Spirit Mountain are ongoing, we’re fully engaged in representing the ski community across all levels with a variety of ongoing programs and events. We’ve broadened our offerings to reach skiers of all interests and backgrounds; from novice instruction to elite training, from social ski outings to weekly races, from candlelight ski events to nationally recognized races - DXC is ready to serve the ski community for years to come!   


DXC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization


2020-2021 Annual Report


Articles of Incorporation

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