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DXC is a volunteer run organization and we rely on community support to keep our organization thriving. Are you interested in getting involved? We'd love to learn more about what you're excited to be a part of! From coaching KidSki, to coordinating and running events, to trail maintenance, or sitting on the Board, there are endless ways you can volunteer to support our work.

Email us at to let us know what you're interested in helping with!
2023 Lop-it Loppet _ Magney

Current Volunteers

Your volunteer efforts are very valuable to us! Did you know that the State of Minnesota values an hour of volunteer service at $30.98? (2020) By accurately counting volunteer hours contributed by our members, DXC can show the value it provides to the City of Duluth and the entire midwest ski community.      

Showcasing the value provided by our members will give DXC great leverage for future grant opportunities and continued support from our partners. Recording your volunteer time only takes a minute and goes a long way in establishing DXC as an integral part of Duluth's outdoor scene.    

Thank you for all you do!
Log Volunteer Hour
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