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UPDATE: Due to our previous transportation vendor leaving us in the lurch, there are changes to our bus service. Thank you to Hart Travel of Parker's Prairie for helping us at the last minute. The big picture changes are here, and detailed changes below in red. 

-Korte Bus is as advertised with a later return time from the race. As of 23 Feb at 10:00 AM there are 38 seats open on the Korte Bus.

-Birkie Buses are consolidated to only ONE Bus on Saturday, 0530 Departure. As of 23 Feb at 10:00 AM there are 13 seats open on that single bus. 


Registration is open to all DXC members, at a cost of $45. Folks who are not yet DXC members can register for the bus for $70, OR you can just get your DXC membership first ( You control the membership level/cost), and then complete your Bus to the Birkie registration. Your choice! The discount code at checkout is DXCBUSMEMBER for DXC Members.


Not sure if you're a current DXC Member? Click here to find out!

Both skiers and those cheering are welcome to register – we just want to fill the buses. First come, first served!


The American Birkebeiner encourages carpooling and will kindly allow our buses to get as close to the start as is feasible for both races.

Here are links to the Korte Wave Start times and Birkie Wave Start times (once on the Birkie's website, click on "Start Wave Schedule" at left hand menu or scroll down to middle of page), in case you need to double check your start time.

KORTE BUS details (Friday, Feb. 24, 2023):

  • We have chartered a 55-passenger coach to depart from the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC) at roughly 7:45 AM (arriving at the start at OO at roughly 9:15 AM) and return to the DECC around 6:00 PM in the afternoon (leaving Hayward at roughly 4:30 PM).​ 

    • NOTE: the departure time in Hayward is somewhat flexible – if you have concerns or would like to see that time shifted, please let us know and we may be able to adjust things.​

  • The Korte bus has permission to park very close to the start, so skiers can wait on the bus, if they want to, until their designated wave time. After the race, the bus will pick skiers up near where the other buses shuttle people to the parking lots.

  • CLICK HERE to register for the Korte Bus. 

BIRKIE BUS details (Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023): There is only ONE Birkie Bus now.

  • We have chartered ONE 55-passenger buses to depart from the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC). 

    • Bus will depart at roughly 5:30 AM (arriving at the start in Cable at roughly 7:00AM) and return to the DECC in the afternoon around 4:00 PM (leaving Hayward at roughly 2:30 PM – this time can be adjusted if all riders agree, so please make sure to answer the "expected finish time" question during the registration process).​

  • The Birkie Bus has permission to park in a lot that's located 400m (according to the Birkie folks!) from the start, so skiers may wait on board the nice warm bus until their designated wave start time. There's a bathroom on board the bus (PRICELESS BIFFY LINE ALTERNATIVE). After the race, the bus will pick skiers up in Hayward near where the other buses shuttle people to the parking lots.

  • CLICK HERE to register for the Birkie Bus. 


Additional Info:

If you make arrangements to take someone else’s place on the bus who won’t be using it, no problem – just let us know so we can update our list to reflect who will be riding with us. If you don’t think you will finish the race in time to catch the bus home, you are free to register and take advantage of the bus ride to the start, but will need to make other arrangements for your trip home. Again, please keep us posted if this is your plan.

Money will be returned if the race or bus must be cancelled due to weather. Otherwise, we are unable to offer refunds if you choose not to ride.


Pickup up/Drop-off in Duluth: The Buses will pick skiers up at the DECC; $10 all-day DECC parking will be available. Specific info will be emailed to you before the race, after registration.

Questions?  Please email us at


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