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Scoping Out the Ski Trails! (Monday Night Pole-Hikes)

When: Mondays, Sept 19 – Nov 28, 2022 from 6:00-7:00pm

Cost: Free

Where:  Various Ski Trails in the Duluth area before the snow flies


The DXC survey results indicated a desire for more events for casual skiers. You asked and we listened!

Join us every Monday for weekly “Scoping out the Ski Trails” pole hiking sessions. Get a feel for the terrain and layout of various ski trails throughout Duluth BEFORE the snow flies. Meet other skiers!

Leashed dogs are welcome. 

Every Monday 6:00pm.



9/19 Lester (meet at Lester-Amity Chalet)

9/26 Pine Valley (meet at parking lot 1106 Olympic Dr.)

10/3 Piedmont (meet at Hutchinson Rd. trailhead)

10/10 Chester Bowl (1801 East Skyline Parkway, meet at the playground parking lot)

10/17 Magney Snively (West Skyline Parkway, parking lot is on the left, 2 miles from the highway exit)

10/24 Jay Cooke State Park (main parking lot at Visitor Center, 780 Highway 210, Carlton)

10/31 Hartley (Hartley Nature Center parking lot, 3001 Woodland Ave)

11/7 Superior Municipal Forest (3120 N. 28th St, Superior WI)

11/14 Bagley

11/21: Lester with lights! 

11/28: Pine Valley with lights!

After 11/28....TBD. Maybe we'll have snow. 


Hiking with ski poles is a fun, low impact way to prepare for skiing in the winter. ALL fitness levels are welcome. What to bring: short classic length ski poles or hiking poles, headlamp, hand's free water (camelback or hip belt), trail shoes, bug spray.





"What is the purpose of these hikes?"

Hiking as a group is a fun way to get out together as a club and socialize while getting a workout. Logging lots of long duration, easy workouts is a key to building a general base of fitness for cross country skiing (and general life health). Adding poles to the hike increases the difficulty by incorporating an upper body strength component. As your fitness level increases, you can add ski specific movements and added resistance to the pole motion to increase the level of difficulty.


"What if I can't keep up?"

All fitness levels are welcome, and we work to accommodate a wide range. Since the intent of these hikes is to build base fitness, it is not a race. Subgroups may form based on fitness levels, but the group will regularly re-group as faster hikers double back to the main group, or re-join us after doing a side loop.


"Tell me more about the equipment required."

You should be able to use ski equipment you already own. Recommendations include:

Water. Bring water in a holder that does not require use of your hands (hydration pack or belt/bottle)

Trail running shoes

Poles: Ski poles with good grips. Classic length or 1" to 2" shorter than your normal classic poles will work fine. Remove large baskets so that they don't get tangled in the weeds. Nordic walking poles work. Hiking poles (without baskets) work okay.

Bug/Tick repellent.


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