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2023 Lop-it Loppet _ Hartley
2023 Lop-it Loppet @ Magney

The Lop-it Loppet

Sundays October 22nd to November 19th from 2-5 p.m.


​Volunteer with DXC this fall, as we trim back the forest to ensure a smooth start to the ski season! Last winter saw an early December blizzard which put a lot of hurt on our ski trails with hundreds and hundreds of small trees, limbs, and brush doubled over onto the ski trails. This fall, we'll spend some time trimming a little further back to ensure that we have a clear trail corridor, even if (and hopefully when) we see feet of snow come our way!

We hope you're getting the itch for ski season... Please consider spending a Sunday afternoon with us to give back to the trails that provide us all with so much enjoyment all winter long.

Prevent this...

321154652_1370275997074818_4465331146303492081_n.jpg doing this


Program Overview


Meet: Sundays October 22 - November 19th

Time: 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Location: Various Ski Trails in the Duluth area before the snow flies. New destinations announced each week.

Cost: Free


October 22 - Lower Spirit Mountain Trails. Meet at Grand Avenue Chalet at the Nordic Trailhead (SW corner of the building).

October 29 - Magney Snively Trails. Meet at the main trailhead on W Skyline Parkway

November 5 - Hartley Park. Meet at Hartley Nature Center

November 12 - Lester Park. Meet at the trail entrance on Oak Street: HERE

November 19 - Piedmont Trails. Meet at the Hutchinson Rd Trailhead

DXC will provide:

A variety of hand tools at each session, such as loppers, pruning shears, and saws for volunteers to use within their comfort level. Additional volunteers can simply walk behind the cutting crew and drag the limbs and debris off the trail.​

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