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DXC Passport Challenge

Winter is here, and the DXC Passport is back! 

Duluth, did you know we've got 20 magnificent ski trail systems within an hour of our home? The DXC Passport encourages you to explore the wealth of trail options in and around Duluth this winter, and earn chances to win while doing it. Passport map and rules are posted below.
For trail pass information, maps, and conditions on all trails listed in the passport head over to Get your skis ready, go out and explore, and remember to use #dxcpassport all winter long!

Don't forget to purchase and carry all necessary Trail Passes, click the button below to learn what trails require what pass!
DXC Passport FB and Web 1.png
DXC Passport FB and Web 2.png
DXC Passport FB and Web 3.png
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