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First Ever Junior Nationals for Women was in Duluth in 1967

DXC Member Nils Arvold contacted us this summer with something interesting he ran into while surfing the net: "FYI I saw this woman’s post a few weeks ago on a “History of Nordic Skiing” Facebook site, about the first junior national women’s race being in Duluth, seemingly at Korkki Nordic, and I reached out to her and she emailed me the following material."

The following PDF document is definitely worth your time. It's full of Duluth skiing luminaries like Charlie Banks, Peter Fosseide, and George Hovland as race officials for this national level event. The personal look from Barbara Britch Craig and some of the newspaper clippings and race details are fascinating. And it's remarkable as a snapshot of a landmark moment in women's XC skiing in the US.

1967 XC Ski Races in Chester
Download PDF • 8.61MB


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